1) The Stewards of Kleinstuck (SoK) Board met on Monday 11/4/19 and have agreed, as a board, to work toward purchasing the CS Woodland property at 2000 Hudson Ave. SoK will drive the fundraising campaign (we are a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization). We agreed to hold the property upon purchase, at least for the short term. We agreed to legally protect the property from development if/when we take possession of the property. 2) Per the broker, an offer was made on the property by a developer. The offer, again per the broker, had a lot of contingencies and a long closing time of 180 days. The sellers rejected this initial offer. We don’t know what the offer price was. 3) We have a donor offering a matching pledge of financial support and are working out the details of that funding. We will move to a public phase of requesting donations soon, but want to make sure we are prepared to do so in an organized and responsible manner. 4) We are working on a Letter of Intent, which is a first step in the negotiation process with the sellers. 5) We have received general counsel and support from a lawyer familiar with these matters. 6) We have found a real estate broker to represent SoK who has experience helping non-profit organizations purchase land. 7) We have been knocking (literally) on the doors of people close to the parcel to request pledges for the upfront earnest money and have attained enough pledges that we feel ready to put in an offer for the land. We will update again soon as the purchase negotiation proceeds. Things are moving quickly, and we are doing our best to keep everyone up-to-date as we move forward. Feel free to contact us with questions and thoughts!