Dear Friends and Neighbors of Kleinstuck Preserve,

During this bizarre break from the ordinary, as our lives have become more topsy-turvy and unpredictable, We have some good news in our effort to preserve the 12 acres of property adjacent to Kleinstuck Preserve. The Stewards of Kleinstuck are announcing the launch of Keep Kalamazoo Wild™.

Keep Kalamazoo Wild™ is a campaign developed through a collaboration of SoK board members and our Kleinstuck neighbor and creative director, Alyson Cameron. She has created a gorgeous logo we think captures the love we all feel for Kleinstuck Preserve. At you’ll find beautiful t-shirts, hats, totes, and stickers for sale. Proceeds from the sale go directly to the Stewards of Kleinstuck supporting our mission of protecting Kleinstuck Preserve.

An update on the acquisition: the property is still for sale, and we continue to develop the infrastructure to purchase it. Prior to the pandemic, we had raised about $70,000 in pledges and had an “angel donor” willing to support us with a gift of $250,000. At that time we still needed to raise about $50,000 before we could make another offer on the property, and we were just getting ready to launch a donor drive when the world changed.

Since the pandemic began, we’ve been waiting for life “to get back to normal,” but we now realize that normal isn’t coming anytime soon. In the meantime, we’ve been applying for numerous grants and we will update you with any successes. We’ve also been contemplating other respectful ways to raise money and pledges during this complicated time.

While it feels ungracious to ask for money in the midst of the grave impacts of this disease, we know that Kleinstuck has been used and appreciated more than ever in the last several weeks. If you’ve been enjoying Kleinstuck and you are able to donate to this mission, we are accepting your gifts at this link. Know that our earnest priority is to use these funds to preserve the 12 acres adjacent to the preserve but if the property is acquired before we can preserve it, we will use your donation in our stewardship efforts in Kleinstuck Preserve.

Another way you can help is by supporting and sharing our campaign on social media. Follow our pages, share our posts with your friends and family, and post your own pictures enjoying Kleinstuck using our hashtag #keepkalamazoowild.

Links to our Social Media accounts are here below:

Keep enjoying Kleinstuck Preserve —and Keep Kalamazoo Wild!

Stewards of Kleinstuck