The Stewards of Kleinstuck have continued to move forward with our efforts to purchase the 12 acres of property adjacent to Kleinstuck which will protect community access to the preserve and maintain 88 acres of contiguous wildlife habitat in the City of Kalamazoo.

  • We have continued to meet with like-minded organizations to grow our collaborative base, including leadership at the YMCA and the Kalamazoo Nature Center.
  • We’ve been working on “behind the scenes” requirements to initiate a comprehensive fundraising campaign.
  • We have been meeting with supportive professionals including lawyers, marketing specialists and graphic designers to ensure that we have a viable fundraising campaign that is legal and effective.
  • We have been expanding our networking base by creating a web of contacts that we can tap into when the time comes for fundraising.

We also submitted a second offer to CS Woodland, LLC last week. We raised our offer by $100,000 and shortened the close by 30 days. The seller has just gotten back to us and sadly, it seems that there is still a great distance between our offer and the price they are willing to accept for the parcel. There was no counter offer by the seller.

The Stewards of Kleinstuck deeply value this parcel. We are not giving up. But, we are a bit back on our heels at the moment and are re-evaluating. We will absolutely keep you updated on next steps.

For community. For nature. Forever.
The Stewards of Kleinstuck

P.S. If you’ve not been to this property before and are trying to get a sense of where it is, we’ve made a map! Follow the link below to see a Google Map with approximate parcel lines of the property for sale in pink: