About the Stewards of Kleinstuck

The Stewards of Kleinstuck is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization governed by a board of directors. We came together in 2007 as a group of neighbors and community members with a mission of uniting neighbors, ecologists, educators, and WMU land managers to support nature education, ensure public access, and to protect the health, diversity, and beauty of the Kleinstuck Preserve and adjoining natural areas for the benefit of wildlife and our community.

The Kleinstuck Preserve is a 48-acre preserve in Kalamazoo Michigan, owned and managed by Western Michigan University. The Stewards of Kleinstuck work closely with the University to ensure our activities are in harmony. Click here to learn more about the history of the preserve.

Our Management Plan

This management plan was drafted with support from the WMU Natural Areas Program, Nate Fuller (Director of Sarett Nature Center, previously with Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy), the Stewards of Kleinstuck Management Committee and other ecologically savvy community members.

Please check it out!
2018 Land Management Plan with text, photos and maps (PDF)

Management Actions by season (PDF)

What do we do?

  • We connect people with nature in the heart of Kalamazoo!
  • We hold monthly volunteer workdays in the Kleinstuck Preserve (see events here) to remove invasive species, plant native grasses and wildflowers, and maintain the trail system. 
  • We also host periodic educational events in the preserve, including frog walks, wildflower walks, night hikes, and more!

What can you do?

  • Join our email list! Email us at stewardsofkleinstuck [at] gmail [dot] com to be added
  • Attend a work day (children and dogs are welcome and no experience is necessary)
  • Plant native plants in your yard and garden
  • Visit the trail with attention to and appreciation for the plants and creatures living there.
  • Keep pets leashed to keep wildlife and visitors safe
  • Know and eradicate invasive plants on your property. Click here for more information

Our Board

  • Erin Fuller, President
  • Kate Kirk-Greenberg, Vice President
  • Heather Ratliff, Secretary & Treasurer
  • Jacob Akert
  • Dave DeBack
  • Paul MacNellis
  • Jacquelyn McShulskis
  • Fiona Summers
  • Rina Talaba
  • Steve Wester